About Us


The mission of Phoenix Rise Wellness is to empower women to live their best and most fulfilling lives by being their best and most fully realized selves.


To create a world full of women who are spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy.
Nisheena was chosen to attend the Dress for Success Worldwide annual conference in May 2019. After listening to renowned speakers from all over the United States, she was charged with creating a Community Action Project that would help women be resilient to overcome trauma. Through her life experiences, she decided to teach women self-care in order for them to overcome trauma and thrive.

Nisheena Clemons, CEO and Managing Director of Phoenix Rise Wellness

Nisheena is a Jersey girl currently residing in Atlanta, GA. She experienced trauma when she got laid off from her job after giving birth to her daughter. Not only did she lose her job but she lost her company car, company cell phone, and company laptop which lead her to seek government assistance to survive. Throughout her experience, she learned self-care practices which helped her endure the trauma she was experiencing and grow stronger to be the best version of herself.

​She is excited to teach other women through Phoenix Rise Wellness and Phoenix Rise Wellness Boutique how to care for themselves even while experiencing trauma so they can be the best version of themselves. Her life purpose is to be the best version of herself and help others do the same by advocating for them and encouraging them to live out their life purpose.